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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 8:08PM :

Can you put me in touch with the organizations working against Sanctions etc? I think it's time to start calling for rallies to oppose this War nonsense. It's gonna be rough for the first ones to try it...which is just what the Repubs want. I remember the cops standing around and allowing people breaking the law by attacking anti-war protestors in the old days to go if to say, "what do you expect when you show disrespect for America?" We were NOT showing disrespect for America, just the cabal of millionaires who later we learned had forced the president to lie about what got us into Vietnam and the then Sec. of War McNamarra, who was a Ford executive before the war...admit years later that he knew the war couldn't be won...but what the hell there are all sorts of sacrifices to be made for America and those fifty five thousand, though they didn't die "defending America" did die to increase profits which is every Corporate Executive's idea of "Ameirica" where's the difference HOW you die...and so what if patriotic jingles and lies and now "misinformation" are used to stir your blood when you'd be damned if you'd risk your neck if you KNEW you were doing it to make Coca Cola richer....and they all downsize you when you get back home?

This was the simple reality behind the FEAR of COMMUNISM that swept the nation, with Corporate America weilding the broom. On the eve of the First World War, workers from around Europe tried to band together through their labor unions, arguing that the war would only result in the deaths of workers who had much more in common with each other than they did with the Mad family of Queen Victoria who were getting ready to play chess with their lives. They almost succeeded but the papers of the day, owned by the factory owners, played on the zenophobia and and "Love of Country" of each population, planting stories about "atrocities" calculated to inlame the passions of the shoemaker in France against the baker in Germany and the farmer in Russia etc. Of course it worked...and they all came back a generation later to let some more blood...and they're still at with the same players getting richer and richer while the rest of us die.

That was what scared the leaders about Trade Unionism and any cross border agreements between's also why the Mob was allowed to corrupt unions in this country because that was the best way of wrecking them from within by their own "elected" officials who got a pass from the Feds to rob the unions blind...and cause the rank and file to opt for "generous"offers from bosses who didn't have to worry about a union movement increasingly tainted by Mob associations.

-- pancho
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