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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 9:52PM :

In Reply to: Re: To Gandhi and other Ashurians posted by Stella from ? ( on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 8:42PM :

: Gandhi,
: Now there was no need for you to be a jerk about the question. I understand that it can be seen as a controversial one to some. But, I'm asking the question not to formulate an attack on your ass but to actually learn what Ashurism is, just like I'm trying to learn what the other beliefs are about. (Right now I'm trying to grasp my brain cells around Buddhism and if you would get yourself off the defensive and be so kind as to help me, I can learn about the religion of Ashur as well).
: If you're a big fat wuss and don't want to answer the question for fear of getting some opposition from me or others reading this board, then either email me and we can go at it privately or don't answer the question at all. The point here is that I'm not trying to pick a fight.

: : I am wondering how come Pancho is playing safe may be he has a weakness for Dealing with you , because he is An Ashurian Too !

: Once again- I'm not planning an attack on behalf of Christianity against the "pagans" out there. I think Panch knows that...and when does he ever play it safe with anyone???

: It was a question asked with no ulterior motive- just for pure knowledge and curiousity and understanding.

: Love,
: Stella
Hi stella
We have a saying who ever is beaten by a snake he is not confortable to be around the colored ropes!
Yes I have been beaten by those hyporiet Church goers and their clergies ! they could not face me and have a manly compat face to face they stabed me from behind and slow me down in my pure and inocent task to promote the Right way of Atour and Ashurism I mean I could't even start it because the same people who incouraged me they betrayed me(Assyrian church goers Style and their troditional ways %95)
Ashurism is :
Good think , Good Speech , Good Deed
I consider myself a very brave man I go all alone in Zarathushtrians Meetings among hundereds of different Nationalities among them Staburn Persians AND eastern indians and give speeches, I stand All Alone(lonleys Are the Braves)behind the Microphone with my none perfect English language answer the Questions and prove my points to some smart ass and Fanatic indivetuals .
I Preech to them that is my ancesstors way , that is the way which Assyrian for the first time they claim there is one creator and they called him Ashur .
I use All the knwoledge Which I have found about , study about and have spent years after years in different schools to collect informations and comon sences.
every ritual that they have is ours and I thanks them for Saving it For me or hopefully one day I can say US!
Till the time When that Jew boy claimed himself the king of kings and saver! Assyrian were Zarathushtians and they were under the persian(A changed name for Assyrian) king Shapoor rules and kingdom.
when the Jew boy Preeched About saving and he is the king of kings those Idiot Assyrian thought he Will save them from King Shapoor and they will take their kingdom back.
But unfortunately he did not saved them but he made them more idiots by teaching them to turn other cheeck and loose more !
Sorry if I ofended you and dont call me no more a jerk because I am not the follower of the Jew boy and you will not see me turning my other cheeck but...
love always

-- Gandhi
-- signature .

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