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Posted by Stella from ? ( on Monday, February 25, 2002 at 4:40AM :

In Reply to: Re: To Gandhi and other Ashurians posted by Gandhi from ( on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 9:52PM :

I am a follower of that "Jew boy." I am a "Roaming" Catholic. It sucks that you were screwed over by people who claim to be spreading the word of my God. Those people, in my eyes, are not Christians by any means.
If they had a clue about what real Christianity was, they would not act the way they did to you or anyone else. Christ preached a radical compassion. He lived his words of "love they neighbor as yourself." He never condemned anyone who was with him on the path to the ultimate reality and happiness even if it was a different path from his. He was a good Jew. Jesus, like you, did not like what was happening around him with regards to his religion: the role man played in this is crucial because man creates doctrines, rules and rituals to experience God through. In his time, Jesus saw that there was inconsistencies in Gods' teachings and man's rituals and practices (daily ones too). So he got back to the roots. Jesus' God is very similar to Ashur: Good thinking, good speech and good deed. All faiths have been influenced by those prior to them and those that are around them. It's obvious how Ashurism influenced Judaism, Christianity and Islam; monotheism.
I totally respect you for standing by your belief in Ashur when all was against you. The problem there is that all should not have been against you. If the clergy and their followers were really walking in the footsteps of Jesus, then they would embrace you as a neighbor, brother, etc. Since popes are such a hot topic now, most of the clergy and the Christian people need to read Pope John XXIII Pacem en Terris. So it's an encyclical from the Catholic Church, everyone will get great insight from it. There were plenty bad popes, ain't no denying that, but there were also great popes like John XXIII.

Gandhi, I'd like to know more about Ashur and Zoroastrianism.
I know tolerance was/is a huge part of both religions. Tell me more about it.


P.s. I still love you Gandhi. I'm asking and to learn more about you and what you believe in. And I'm explaining so that you can learn more about me and what I believe in. :>

-- Stella
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