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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 10:16AM :

In Reply to: Re: Update re meeting with the Democrats Party posted by Sam.D. from ( on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 4:49AM :

: I remember that incident in the streets of Sydney clearly. How embarrassing. Sixty minutes ran an article on the incident and held a taped meeting with a large group of Assyrians. The reporter, Richard Carlton, basically stood over the rabble and chastised them as a parent would a mischievous child. He gave them enough rope to hang themselves, and in the end, you're right, we looked like little more than apes. Our own Mar Melis, in a pre-recorded interview which was played to the congregation, referred to them as 'primitive', to which one Assyrian brain surgeon asked 'What is mins primitive?'. Come question time, we saw a flood of hands raised and many within the group calling out to Richard Carlton as 'Ian'. When one particular chap replied to the question "Will you behave in accordance to Australian law?", with the brilliant comeback "They started it!", Richard couldn't contain himself and laughed openly. Some of the older people in the crowd started asking Richard why we were bombed by them in nineteen thirty something, why is the sky blue and the grass green (you know what I'm trying to get at). It was truly a dark episode for our society as a whole.
: I did nothing then because I knew nothing of what I could do. I was in my late teenage years, and not much mattered to me more than enjoying my own life as much as possible, and poohoo to everyone else.
: Gandhi, I won't argue with your point about politicians being the lowest form of life. I wouldn't trust one as far as I could spit down wind on a blustery day. My personal intention was not to put my point to the politicians who were there, but to raise the awareness of the ordinary people who'd gathered to hear what the party they support had to say. These people are the ones who influence the politicians. If we can win the hearts and minds of the ordinary people, then it is their voices which will dictate the tune to which their representative politicians dance. The organ grinder, not the monkey.
: As for helping the community, I used to be in the church youth committee because I thought it was a means by which I could really help. Ha! You see how ignorant some of us can be? As if parties and raffles are the way forward. For the church maybe, hardly for anyone else. Our church is no different from any other corporation. My older brother did much, much more for the church and community all free of charge (he is an electrician). In the end the church committee labeled him a thief and embezzler, with Mar Melis actually cursing him over the phone. But that's another story.
: I am only now beginning to warm to our com
. If you have suggestions as to exactly how I can better do things, then I'm all ears.

I admire your English composition very much and I feel we can understand each others since you have experienced how much church and their maniac leaders along with their simple minded followers can hurt the bright indivituals !
The ordinary ones that you wrote about unfortunatly are the ones which been brain washed by fortune hunters like Milis and other college boys that over night were ordained as bishops (I try not to call them Mar ! it reminds me when Estern indians were the Subjects of Small Britania and used to call even a lousy english sargent "MASTER")
So they are not our masters they use to make their living of of the church members and they go by what those simple minded members
pleased ! now time has chaned , they have their own money and their own income (probely they are under the payroll of some other organizations) So they do what they are pleased with ! they are independed and looking for power and that makes them politicions the dirty kind ! they watch those stupid news all nights and by day they rest and watch Soap operas !When do day have time for every day prayers and stay in a Holly Mood!
I didn't wakeup one morning with these Ideas and informatios I seved with them ! I dined and wined with them I know them like you know your own prick!
I have been studing our Ashur's way for some time ,I am preparing myself for All the Questions that I might be Asked someday by those ordinaries and smart assones!
my dream is to create a brotherhood to wake the sleepy ones to educate some big brothers to guide our young ones by been in church and helping the church will get them no were ,no were at all ! they go after education ,not to leave shool be some body !
go through any kind of hardship ,not because to please their parents or girl freinds but to gain respect for our nation and to show the world how an orphen nation can grow up to be like their ancestors in a more civilized way!
In Australia Assyrian or Caldean as well, are more loyale to their existance than usa!
See if you can create that kind of brotherhood and big brother organization!
Love Allways

-- Gandhi
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