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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, February 17, 2002 at 2:21AM :

Saturday, 16 February 2002, at 6:35 p.m.

A website that I found and narrated by Peter Betbasoo, indicates that there exists an Assyrian Flag that is accepted by the "Assyrian Muslims". Is this true or false?

First, you need to be more careful when you read The webpage you mention has four flags on it. I was the one who submitted the Assyrian flag, the others I have no connection with, and the donors are actually named at the end of the text describing each flag.

Don't be sloppy.

AS for the other flags, they are not used or recognized by Assyrians, and they should not be there.

There are no Muslim Assyrians.

+++That's the line...that's the whole point of aina. As long as there are no Muslim Assyrians...we are supposed to not care what happens to men women and children in Iraq...they don't matter because once they became Muslim...they ceased to be human. And the Assyrians who are killed over there? They are "martyrs" and very useful because they inflame us even more, so we want even more Muslims killed over there...and don't let it bother you because, there are NO Muslim Assyrians.

That's why Peter killed that discussion. And THAT is why I wrote what I did about the pasty faced bastard.

note to Stella, Alli and Lulia...I am not going to Iraq, I am not gossiping, and get laid...the three of you figure out which comment applies to which of you.

-- pancho
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