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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 9:13PM :

In Reply to: WHAT??? posted by Alli from ? ( on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 9:06PM :

: i never claimed to have "happy" morals or even morals. & i'm NOT squeamish. i DO remind myself of that unhappy situation in Iraq EVERY day - i have pictures of the dying children, immortalizing them, on my computer desktop at work & books & pictures galore of them at home.

+++You would have to be a scholarship, straight "A" student, not to see what you just wrote.

seems trivial to some, but this is my way of remembering them. if i could, i'd spend all the money & time in the world on getting those kids to a safe haven somewhere - they don't have much of a chance from the beginning, you know. & they don't even have opportunity - even the opportunity to make themselves that much happier. speaking of them, the sick & the dying, in some sort of "proper" or "dignified" manner is the ONLY thing i can give them right now short of what little i can contribute out of my salary.

+++They used to call that "knee jerk Liberal". That was then, this is now, now it's just a plain Jerk.

i think of it as respect. i love them, & i am very determined to think about them in as holy & sacred a way that all children deserve.

+++Think away, by all means...can't do you any harm...or them any good. There is no way around it and I and the rest of us and all of "them" and this entire nayshun and several more and many more and ALL of them, if they could manage it, would do...and do, whatever it takes to get along...and right now that just means getting on with our lives while others kill all these children in our name..HEAVENS, you don't think we would do on purpose do you???

: stop excusing your words with bullshit & i come back. i don't care if i just made myself unwelcome on your forum, either. so be it.

+++Everyone is always welcome...this is not my forum. I just wanted a place where every genius and every asshole could write down his or her thoughts. It was made just for you. You are always welcome.

love and kisses and swift kicks

-- pancho
-- signature .

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