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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 2:35PM :

In Reply to: Letter From Janey Golani posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 4:23AM :

This "heartfelt and sincere" letter came a day before her answer to my response. Her admiration didn't last long. I doubt there were any tears shed at all. I don't doubt that they discussed sending me money, and not because they felt sorry for anyone but themselves. They know what's coming. Just like their effort to break me financially at the convention in order to make me "behave"...they now felt I was ready for "help".

fred, your talking to me. I have no vindictive feelings toward you. stop
using such vulgarity.you know how much respect i had for you and how much
respect i still have for your work. tell me what you want me to do? Please.
I am so sorry to hear about you and fredricka. I cried and cried. I will pray
that god does work through the both of you for the sake of your children and
the love you have for them.
I called atour to tell him right away. He cried. How can i explain to you
that we don't hate you.
We want this to work for you. I know your going to laugh at this but before
Atour hung up he told me to send you money. from our own account. What's left
after the federation that is. To see if you need help in anyway for your
kids. I am not lying to you. He really did.
You think he is so bad. But he is not. He just gets eaten up by the vipers.
and tries to survive on a thread. he does'nt need his name in lights or
prominance for himself and you should know that by now. It's been 2 years as
president and all he's been able to do is shovel up droppings that were left
and put them in perspective places.
I do want you to know this fred. As the convention draws near in detroit it
would give no greater pleasure for both of us and i am sure many others to
see the hammurabi. It doesn't matter who collects the money or who is in
charge as long as it's done.
and if and when it does goes up, i am just going to be a spectator in the
crowd but there will be no greater pleasure for me.


-- pancho
-- signature .

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