Library of Assyrian Sociopathology # 4

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Posted by andreas from ( on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 4:00AM :

Library of Assyrian Sociopathology # 4

Nationalizing Christianity:

" ... I am prety sure of that if Jesus was a jew the jewish leaders would never punish him. There are several evidence that certify that he was an Assyrian rooted man. Amoung them his language, his acceptance by the people of Jalil, who were not Jewish. Also When Shimon denied that he was with Jesus, one of the jewish leaders told him " your accent refers to being one of them", this means they were not talking good Hebro.

The Assyrians used to sent leaders or persons from the royal family to area that were occupyed, St. Marium was a doughter of the "meyer" who roled that area. I heard this from an educated priest, but I did't ask him for the reference for that.

I am sure many will not believe that, but I beleive this is the reality. ..."

They don't know what they do ?

-- andreas
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