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Posted by andreas from ( on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 2:58PM :

In Reply to: Jesus, you little swindler.... posted by Lilly from ? ( on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 2:42PM :

: : : By the time Meshikha came around, speaking their own language and being inclusive of all tribes and races, they were ready to accept Him and His message, Semitic and ultimately Mesopotamian in origin....

: : +++ No, not: "Him and His message, Semitic and ultimately Mesopotamian in origin...."
: : How ever much you want it...
: : The wonders of Mesopatamian messages could be witnessed in endless infights and wars.
: : His message and the most important: his DEED of salvation was HIS and had been anticipated and prepared by many cultures (Old-Persian, Greek, Indian, also part of the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Sabean (Southern Arabia), Celtic ... short by all cultures with a spiritual core.

: xxx What about Buddha? You know, & the great white elephant story? Sometimes I wonder if Buddha's story was perverted into the New Testament...

+++ Fine idea ..., Lilly:
Nobody can overlook the simple fact that many of Jesus Christ's teaching can also be found to some degrees, in different partial versions and colours in other religions/cultures.

+++ For example in the Buddhist idea of compassion and love.
The "teaching" is not the specific element of Christianity.

+++ The really important thing is the fact that Christ incarnated. It is this deed. A cosmic deed which was anticipated and expected also in the Zarathustrian teachings and had its allusions in the Egypt picture of Isis with a child and other religious manifestations.

+++ Why ? Because all different streams of mankind in their individual historic development knew and hoped for this cosmisc deed of redemption.

+++ Once again: It's about a fact, a deed.
Christ incarnated to fulfill the scriptures with a practical deed.
The morale and teachings then are drawn from this deed.

+++ Thus in a wider picture you have no contradictions and no borrowings but developments and the final fulfilment on the part of Christ.
It's now ours to live up as individuals to the freedom to follow him. It is not decreed and not ordered.

-- andreas
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