The Many Faces Of Jesus

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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, January 09, 2003 at 4:28PM :

He was a Jew...he looked like a Jew. What do Jews look like? Ask the Christian church for the last 1000 rodents. Jesus The Rodent? To Europeans he looks like a Germans he looks Italians he looks like a Boticelli. To Americans he's from Boston.

People who say they like ALL my sculptures, hate the one I did of Jesus. It didn't help any that the title was, "Jesus, The Jew". What did they want, "Jesus, The Assyrian? Funny you should ask...that's exactly what they want to believe.

Jesus was brave, loyal and resourceful...a good Scout he would have helped old ladies across the Appian Way in a heartbeat. But lots of men and women would do the same...lots of people sacrifice themselves to help others. What Jesus had that caught our attention was the promise of everlasting life. Now why anyone would want to live forever I can't figure out. That all of "this" can be based on such a fairty tale explains a lot about how the same minds that believe this stuff can kill children. We ARE doing that...and we ask HIS blessings for it.

As long as people believe that Christianity is worth the 99% misery it allows us to do in its name, because of the remainder that is "good"...which it shares with lots of other religions...we're all going to be paying the and everyone who isn't impressed by Christianity.

In fact...let me the first to say it...I am sick and tired of Christianity. There! It provides a cover for the most awful crimes, then begs forgivenes...of itself. The American version of it, the born again evangelical section is nothing more than a political party, "of God", that has a most godawful agenda...get us back to the Dark Ages...those good old days Trent Lott pines for.

Tax the fuckers!!!

-- pancho
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