A Lurching "War on Terror"

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Posted by Tiglath from 107.a.011.mel.iprimus.net.au ( on Monday, January 13, 2003 at 3:17AM :

Letter to Ed
Canberra Times (Australia) published 31 December 2002

The war on terror lurches from one nauseating hypocrisy to the next. While Australians are being asked to report suspicious behaviour by their fellow Australians, the actions of those who supplied Iraq's weapons in the first place are being covered up.

When Iraq's 12,000 page declaration of its weapons programs arrived at the UN in early December, a US official confiscated it. (To
be fair, perhaps the incident was merely an attempt on the part of the US to break its own personal best record for arrogance.)

A US State Department spokesman said that the documents contained sensitive information. The 10 non-permanent members of the Security Council eventually received only an edited version. Sensitive indeed. The original Iraqi documents named the approximately 150 corporations which supplied Iraq with nuclear, chemical, biological and missile technology, including US and British firms. This technology was supplied when Saddam Hussein was known to be guilty of grave crimes. Even his much-cited use of chemical weapons at Halabja in 1988 did not deter the merchants of death or the governments which granted them export licences. No wonder the Iraqi
documents needed a little editing.

Mr Howard, as we dutifully look out for dangers in our midst here, could you chase up those weapons merchants who supplied Iraq's weapons ? Mr Bush can help you find them; he's got the list. Australia has just the place for them. It's about time our detention centres were used for those who really threaten security.

Dr Sue Wareham
President, Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia)


-- Tiglath
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