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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, January 13, 2003 at 8:44AM :

In Reply to: A Lurching "War on Terror" posted by Tiglath from ( on Monday, January 13, 2003 at 3:17AM :

There is no "terror" terrorists...none at all. There IS such a thing as tit for tat...yin for yang...karma...and "you get what you ask for". Eventually some group of Jews somewhere were going to fight hapened to be in the Warsaw ghetto. At some day...Muslims were going to fight back...they weren't going to take it lying down any longer. Those who kill and steal and rape and lie are going to be held accountabler one of these's what our Justice system promises the common much more deserving the international thugs par excellance...and sure as hell isn't Saddam or North Korea.

Eventually these kinds of things backfire...they help educate a percentage of the population...people wake up to the more glaring absurdities. Nixon, Watergate, Vietnam and Now this Iraqi farce, with some Wall Street scandals tossed in...eventually open eyes.

Most Americans just want to kill someone when their pet notions about themselves are rejected...oddly enough the more innocent the better they they and only they understand or have discovered some deep, deep plot, or reason, or well disguised nest of Evil no one else recognizes...the more bizarre, byzantine and unlikely...the more they feel only THEY have seen it, only THEY are equipped to ferret such things out...things the rest of the world is too stupid, old fashioned or faint-hearted to own up to. Only they, only Americans have "what it takes"...the "true grit"..., the "right stuff" get the job bomb that orphanage...poison those children...kill those mothers...bury alive those fathers and sons and brothers and husbands, attack a Grenada, stare warily at a Cuba...only America has what it takes to get the job done and save itself...and the rest of you dummies from world-wide plots from a Grenada or Cuba or starved and impoverished Iraqis... fear not, Americans will ride to the rescue with super-duper murdering heroes.

It's a ruse of course...a front...a sales and con job right up there with fluffing up companies so they can rob the widow and orphan of their pension plans, and medical benefits (not enough money)...rob them of their teeth and hair if need be.

It wont change either until America collapses...or people wise up.

-- pancho
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