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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, February 11, 2003 at 6:55PM :

In Reply to: Re: Ba'oota D'Ninwaye posted by Paul Younan from ? ( on Tuesday, February 11, 2003 at 1:51AM :

You are an embarrassment...moreso because we can´t write you off as the typical idiot. Why you would go to such lengths to justify the treatment we receive in the´s as if you were desperate to find good points in the people who raped your daughter...because afterward, when they could have slit her throat as well...they gave her a milkshake instead.

Your gut reaction was to ridicule the very belief system that made Assyrians what they were, followers of Ashur...the basis of all the gifts we brought to humanity...then apologize in one simpering post about how we should respect the dead...meaning even Ashur, and go on cherishing the "universal" god...Yahweh who came from a desert region somewhere in Sinai.

Your problem is that you are smitten and besotted with Christianity...a gift of the Hebrews you can´t afford to be too critical of. Next to it, you can find nothing more compelling in the world. And since the only unique thing to Christianity was its promise of life everlasting...the more degradation and scourging the´re effectively stuck simpering in hopes of achieving eternity without giving a good goddamn what happens to Assyrians AS Assyrians...and what has happened to Assyrians in all those long years we´ve been steadily losing ground...till today the Christian West, lamentably "wrongheaded" though it may be... aided on by our own Assyrian Christian sons of bitches, are clamouring for yet another Holy War of "liberation" to give the region "back" to Christ...when it was never his to begin with...not his, not Yahweh´s and not Allah´s...but Ashur´s.

You are an orphan, who either murdered his own parents or gave them over to the sword of righteousness and a doubtful hereafter for a reward... adopted by Christians...mazzletoff.

-- pancho
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