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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, March 13, 2003 at 6:02PM :

In Reply to: The best article I've read in weeks... posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, March 13, 2003 at 4:59PM :

I get so tired of this...if the Ottomans ever persecuted could only have been because there were Christians alive and well to BE persecuted. The Westīs way to make peace was to create a howling wilderness and call THAT peace. The Christians simply killed all Jews and Muslims when they had the chance, hence cleansing those lands right at the outset...the only trouble was, murderers being what they are, the Christians always wound up killing EACH OTHER.

Nowhere at anytime anywhere in the world did one political structure TRY to include all three sisters from hell under one form of government...the irony is that it was this willingness to be tolerant and fair that ultimatley provided the means by which the West could create an excuse...the same with the Christians of Iraq...who, after being rescued by the Muslims there after escasping massacres in Iran...went over to the British and acted as a colonial police force...with predictable results.

For the rest of it...I donīt buy anything, ANYTHING thatīs said of Saddam any more. What I do remember is that Iraq flourished under his early rule, and would no doubt have moved well beyond these dismal sorts of things but that the West has ever known how to manipulate those simpletons.

The West puts in place or supports, or secures thugs all over the uses them as long as it needs to confident in the knowledge that it can ALWAYS "expose" them...even for doing things IT asked them to...reveal them as "dictators", "GASP" and "HORRORS"...take on itself the mantle of Friend of Democracy (watch that T shirt) and remove one replace him with a more tractable and eager to please new thug.

No one has mongered more war...built and sold and controls more weapons of mass destruction, played god with more innocent peopleīs lives than the United States Corporate to them Saddam is a pussy cat.

-- pancho
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