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Posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, March 14, 2003 at 0:38AM :

In Reply to: Re: The best article I've read in weeks... posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, March 13, 2003 at 6:02PM :

... there's good in this article as well as bad!

Case and point:

"Twenty-six centuries before Jesus Christ, and five generations after the deluge, King Gilgamesh ruled over the city of Uruk - the superpower of the times. The "Gilgamesh" is the first epic drama in the history of humanity. Bush might be interested to know that the oldest book in the world, written around 2300 or 2200 BC, was widely imitated and thoroughly pillaged, especially by the copywriters of the Bible, as well as Greek authors. The Gilgamesh epic is the foundation of all Western imagination - it already contains the adventures of Jason, Ulysses and Celtic legends. The wandering king battles giants, falls in love with the goddess Ishtar (thus our word "star"), kills a heavenly bull, invokes the wrath of the gods, goes on a quest to find the essence of immortality, visits the realm of the dead. He meets a Sumerian Noah who tells him how he built an ark, embarks a couple of each animal species and escapes the destruction of the world (this is probably a reference to a catastrophic flood of the Euphrates in the 4th millennium BC.) The Sumerian Noah reveals to the king of Uruk the secret of immortality: a plant that must be found at the bottom of the sea. Gilgamesh finds the plant, but it is later stolen by a serpent. Gilgamesh finally grasps the meaning of life and understands that the real hero is the one who accepts the human condition. "

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