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Posted by Middle Finger from ? ( on Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 11:17AM :

In Reply to: Happy Easter Happy Murder posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at 1:41PM :

I was at a Palm Sunday Mass this past Sunday and don't let anyone tell you that the Roman Catholic Church does not know how to put on a show. The Taize music was beautiful, the church was gorgeous when the lights are dimmed. All the smells and bells set a relaxing but solemn mood.

I was pretty chill up until the Passion of Christ was being acted out. At that time, I became conscious of the sound of sniffling around me. The girl I was sitting next to was crying. She's a girl of about 19...She kept wiping away her tears every few moments. Now, I don't know what was going on in her head, but I would venture to say that she was crying for innocent Jesus being betrayed by those closest to him and being condemned to a brutal Roman slave death. The story of Jesus' betrayel and death is indeed a sad story, but when you get into the idea of Jesus being tortured and killed for US, then you start to fuck with people's minds and consciences.

Fred, your nagging words about the guilt of Christianity are always in the back of my mind. At that moment, when I saw the girl wiping away her tears, your words were screaming at me. It is NOT fair that we (we as in Assyrians specifically) have to be fed and brainwashed with this guilt driven religion from the second we take our first breath...even before that, when mom and pops are chosing our name (Michael, Ishu, Elizabeth etc)...We are Assyrian, yet this Jew/Roman/Greek religion and culture is being shoved down our throats and our Assyrian culture (religion and all) is being put pushed into the darkest corner of the attic where it can never be if it were a horrible secret.

I can't even reconcile being an Assyrian with being a Christian anymore. If the Old Testament itself is a rip off of Assyrian stories, and the New Testament a continuation of of that bull, we are left with a sham of a religion and culture...and so are the religious Jews.

-- Middle Finger
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