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Posted by Middle Finger from ? ( on Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 1:29PM :

In Reply to: Re: Happy Easter Happy Murder posted by Middle Finger from ? ( on Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 11:17AM :

my badass professor, on the first day of class (the Christian Experience is what it was called) said something pretty funny but so awesome... "In this class, I'm going to deprogram you. Forget what Sister Mary Catherine Margaret Elizabeth said about going to hell if you swore..and forget what Fat Father Farly said about being burned in the flames of Satan if you just think about Sweet Suzy in her birthday suit. I'm going to provide you with the purely phenomenological aspect of Christianity- so keep your own preachy views (if you have them) about Christianity in a little sealed box for after class." This was coming from a Roman Catholic priest. God love his type!

It's hard as hell to have to deprogram yourself after years of brainwashing. We didn't even get a chance in the past to think for ourselves on the topic of the ultimate reality. Christianity is the right path and that's that. Forget your own ancient religion and ancient history...that won't get you to Heaven.

The guilt of having to come to terms with this whole thing is huge. To be raised to put all of your faith in one man and one God and then to have that debunked by the rediscovery of one's own authentic history...that's a lot to sentence YOUR own kids to.

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