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Posted by Farid Parhad from ( on Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 12:05PM :

In Reply to: Even Now... posted by Farid Parhad from ( on Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 9:55PM :

Today my wife collapsed from the strain we have been under...she is in hospital now. Last night in this town, there was a second story about an Iraqi terrorist loose among the American community...this time accompanied by a photo of your generic Muslim, beard and all.

In a few hours it will be my turn. I asked the Consular representative here if he would issue a statement saying that I got into this mess because I stepped forward to do my duty as an American citizen, even at some personal risk. He said, "you are on your own".

Once I appear on TV, everyone will know what I look like.

I believe someone in our government decided that a wanted criminal and a certified dangerous one...could be an asset if left free. Next to an "Iraqi terrrorist"...what┤s a common criminal worth? I am being used...this man is being allowed to walk free and smear us and place my family in danger with the help of the friends who are still duped by him...because an Iraqi terrorist right now is a gift from heaven.

This past Saturday I was told by the Consular rep that the warrants had finally been issued...but the Interpol agents who almost got us killed said later they were merely conducting an "investigation". And on further examination, Colonel Maher told me today that the warrants weren┤t issued after all.

The Marshalls in the United States are tearing their hair out over has been two months since they first contacted me asking for my their experience there has never been a situation like this when our government, or Mexico, I don┤t know which, has denied permission for the Marshalls to come and get a wanted felon...and neither can the Marshalls explain the behavior of Dep˙ty Officer Javier Guerra who will not return their calls or those of their supervisor.

If something happens to me, Chance Reynolds and his people are all prepared to make it an know, like they┤ve been warning people for weeks that I am a terrorist. One sentence from my government would defuse the situation...but it is not forthcoming because I was indeed born in Iraq and spent six days there. I told Colonel Maher who is of Irish extraction that he had better hope the United States never goes to war with Ireland.

I┤m getting my family out as soon as my wife can travel. I┤m staying here.

-- Farid Parhad
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