Wrong stress. This way: "Divuunéééééé"

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Posted by Andreas from dtm2-t9-1.mcbone.net ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 2:06PM :

In Reply to: Like I said: "DivOooOooOOoneh!" posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 11:55AM :

Wrong stress. This way: "Divuunéééééé"

: Like I said: "DivOooOooOOoneh!"

+++ Wrong stress and word melody:
In fact, the stress falls on the last syllable (only in songs it's heard to be on the second but last one) which is lenghtened in case of emphasis.
Thus "Divuunéééééé".

+++ Or, if you really want to stretch the 2nd syllable, at least make sure to keep the phonetic time gradient proportions between the last (ultima) and the last but one (penultima) syllable so as to assure a syllable lengthening ratio of 3:1.

+++ Test it out in any Persian store.

+++ Enter with "DivOooOooOOoneh!" on your lips and you will be returned a heartily "Divuunéééééé" [oder "Divuunéééééé-iii?" if a question}.

+++ And then ... no, they are not Assyrians or Arabs, so they won't flig their fists at you.
They will kindly offer you a tea, call in the doctor of their neighbourhood and will offer you either medical/psychological treatment or a Farsi language course.

+++ Yeah, the wonders of the noble Persian culture.

-- Andreas
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