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Posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 3:12PM :

Some will parry around saying they know, but they don't really. Has anyone here spoken with southern indigenous Iraqis? They would not care about Assyrians, nor do they. They care not much for things other than their wellbeing and their family's. Afterall, they are not warlike(all the ones I've spoken to look like they will fall asleep any moment, and they are always reserved and still while sitting with their hands clasped together, droopy eyes and weird white hair, of a texture I have not seen in other races, and a complexion darker than that of indegenous Egyptians(who by the way live in isolated villages in Egypt, and I am referring to those who are not as Arabised) or close to that of light Ethiopians, their complexion is not so much dark, but very concentrated pigmentation, after years of living in the south of Iraq's heat. Now, there was one "Sumerian" as people who don't know about them(historians) call them, like some historians refer to Assyrians as "ancient people whose civilisation is lost":), now this Sumerian is very happy to be living in the US, because he cares not for Iraq, nor the thousands of years his ancestors worked the land, in his malkoota. No, he wants an SUV and a nice bayta. A bayta raba and a gas-guzling SUV. The ones who aren't as materialistic as him will also be found in India, at least they don't support the aggressor nation against their mother country. Sumerians or (southern indegenous people of Iraq more appropriately) are nice, smart, and reserved in temperament. However, they tend to view hostile races and war in general as what it is, useless and destructive energy, with little emphasis on unity of the community. So therefore, this earlier post is entirely unfounded, as they would not, and do not(I can tell you) care about anyone including Assyrians. Maybe you can talk to Mandayeens? They'll give it to you straight, once you talk to them about politics...

-- Alexander
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