Russian Occupation

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Posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 11:16PM :

When the Germans swept into Germany, they traveled thence with a lot of momentum, but lacking materiale, such as sufficient transports and such, to provide them through the winter, because they anticipated a quick defeat of the Russian defenses. What they got was hell. They were fought constantly, no letting up, with constant counter-attacks by the Russian Armies, some of them numbering 450,000 per army group(although army group is used for German armies if I am not mistaken, I just do not recall the term for a Russian Army group- perhaps Army Center?) Anyway, the real war was fought in Russia. Russia caused Germany to lose its power, the US and England just waited it out. EU was taken, and the US finally made a little bridgehead after waiting off for months to see what would happen in Russia. Russia recieved no help from the US or England, although the latter claimed they were giving airplanes. Airplanes of the type given were inferior, yet used by the Russians in order to try to curtail German advances.
In a number of hard summer, autumn, and winter wars, Russians began to improve their system. While having lost millions in war so far, the Russians had succeeded in buiding superios communications and communications-distractions and other decoys to confuse German intelligence. Russian artillery and air support consistently devastated German lines.
For instance, Russians would carry out normal artillery operations in the morning, say before a big battle, and then when the Germans thought the session was over, would come out of their bunkers to get ready for battle, only then getting bombarded by real artillery fire and air support, one of the common ploys Russia pulled on hapless Germany.
Soon, the Germans started losing previously controlled territory, and started to retreat, even though hardly because of Hitler's insistance on fighting, even though they were in no position to defend themselves.
The German advantage was that when they encircled an army center in the earlier stages of the war, they succeeded in obliterating whole army centers, numbering up to nearly half a million men. Survivors were marched back to Germany by foot, and it could take months or more before they reached Germany, and thus Germany was without much slave labor for the war years, which also helped to reduce their power. It is very interesting to note the material supplies and weapon manufacturing levels at these times during the war, for comparison purposes.
Eventually, some countries switched allegiance from Germany to the other EU countries, when they saw the war was turning.
Russia took offesive positions in the north.
Crossing over water, they sent ski infantry to hunt down the German sympathisers in the artic centers of the war. All along the Russian border, the Russians kept pushing the Germans back, until finally it culminated to the EU theater of the war.

Thus, Russia fought Germany, and crushed its arrogant army. The real war of WWII was fought in Russia, everything else is negligible. America fought hardly anything, besides supplying a lot of airplanes, air support, and one "D-Day", although at times Russia would lose 450,000 troops in one engagement, and yet the US tries to make D-Day such a monumental event. Typical propoganda. D-day was everyday in Russia, for the US, it was only one particular day.

-- Alexander
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