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Posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 11:24PM :

In Reply to: Russian Occupation posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 11:16PM :

The Russian captives of war who were marched back to Germany by foot, mostly died. Thats what I meant by lack of slaves in Germany. They had mostly died on the march. This is because Germany wanted to use trains and such in order to transport supplies. Fluidity, although not used correctly in this sense.
It is interesting the techniques that Russians were able to employ when taking bridgeheads, towns occupied by Germans or their allies, and train rails. Once the Germans were so hardpressed, that they would be entering battle right as they were offloading from the trains. They would carry the artillery off the train, then assemble it, and right at that spot start employing it. Hmm...you think the US could ever withstand such a war? One where its troops actually have to fight like that? Compare that with this. See what you make of it. See if the US is as powerful as it claims to be, or if it is jsut prattle, with no action, I'd like to see which nation ever paid tribute to it, in fact, the US seems to be paying tribute to Israel, to the tune of 5 billion a year, not including tanks, apaches, and much more money that is not talked about.

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