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Posted by Alexander from ( on Monday, May 26, 2003 at 4:48PM :

In Reply to: Hey, Dys-lex, Analfabeto: Let's play cards posted by Andreas from ( on Monday, May 26, 2003 at 12:32PM :

Nice article. Generally, it is saying that the administration is using propaganda to use intervention in other countries in order to put in new regimes. It says the cards made by the administration are an instrument (I thi it says to support the Washington admnistration- but nevertheless, the content of the article is clear that it is saying that the Bush Regime is using the cards as an instrument to use in its favor, and obviously we can all see that it is propaganda, except maybe some stubborn Americans or other. …something about toward the last of Bill Clinton’s administration, the US ?broke? the historical tradition of ?liberty..??.. against ?exterior? colonialism…?that Bush became President because the Supreme Court selected him??That since Sep11 the “?people/village/s?” accept the suspension of the principals of the Bill of Rights? ..?Gigantic ?scheme(or similar word)? Of social control of propaganda that was installed? Finally, the Bush administration enterprises(used as verb here for simplicity- but don’t know what word it might be in reality- I don’t speak the language)…?something about it intends to use? the arms(as in weaponry?I don’t know this language:-), as an excuse(in other words to inspect the “weapons of mass destruction”)? to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan without the ?UN?…?what do you think? Go and…??…that the ?… of the US … something about the cause? To ensemble the international relations? Washington has to retire to ..?.. politics of? the UN? to ..?ordain?.. the world? ?Germany, Belgium, France ..Luxembourg.. ?create? of one dissidence? of NATO? in constructing one Europe in the defense? Russia and China ..something about armaments?..the ‘time’ is?.. of questioning the nature of the new administration of the US?.. in conclusion?.. something or other?..of those principally responsible in? the Bush Regime.

The 52 people of the administration:

And that’s enough. Good article, although I sense you were testing me instead, I told you I can read other languages somewhat, in fact, I understood what you said in ?Icelandic?, so I can say I can read a little Icelandic now:), its just that it sounded latine to me, so I figured since I understood it, and knew it wasn’t Portuguese or French or whatever, even though it didn’t sound like Italian to me, except for Alessandro:-), it might be. Anyway, I don’t think anyone here ever requested an article in this language. Although, it is a good article. And it was harder to translate into specific words the context of the article, I actually was able to understand more of it than what I wrote here:)

-- Alexander
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