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Posted by Petition from ( on Sunday, June 01, 2003 at 11:23PM :

Fred Parhad, I don't entirely agree with everything you are doing with this forum.
I agree that it is good to have people's ideas expressed, but when those "ideas" as we may call them are rather disruptive, than I believe this "democracy" would be better off with just a little more enforcement.
Democracy is good, but that doesn't mean let people run wild. If you are going to try this form of democracy, at least maintain control of it. All I am saying is, if you are not going to ban or delete The Asshole's posts, at least "curb" him.

I think that if there was more content, and less insults on the forum, with freewill to express ideas and "insults", just with a little more control(nothing major), than more people would want to post here, including me. I sometimes decide not to post something because I believe it might fall subject to irrelevant insults from people who might have nothing better to do than produce incoherent posts in response to posts by other people. The reason for this is not that I am afraid or aggravated by these nonsensical responses, but because I do not want my ideas and posts to be subject to infantile and mundane responses. In other words, I do not want the nonsensical responses to "defile" the articles I would post. I have, to date, never posted any "sensitive" information or articles because I have not seen that anyone maintains a level of authority on this forum.
Is the democracy you propose a way for people to run wild? Just so you can say you don't ban anyone? You do not have to ban anyone to prove anything, but you could prove a lot by simply "curbing" their behavior. Not by deleting posts, but by ignoring their responses, or by simply posting "intelligent" responses to their posts. Also, you can make it impossible for certain words to be used, and beyond that, you can modify what format for posts can be accepted, like when you made the "15" second repost limit to avoid "spam". Those things are just some measures you can take to assert control merely, not authority, but control.
The majority of the content in the recent week has been mostly nonsense, besides some exceptions like the farid and Sadie postings. I do not believe that by harboring idiots you are doing anything good for the forum, and that you could prove Hajjar and BetBassoo differently like you want to, without actually having to delete posts, just "curbing" them by limiting what "nonsense" is allowed and by simply laying down "guidelines" for which to follow.
Democracy is good, but only if it is under supervision.
I know you will give one of two responses.
The first might be a sarcastic one where you show some level of disinterest in this post, but personally I believe your response will be more like to the latter, in which you express your views regarding free-posting will and un-bannedness. I don't dislike your system, it is certainly nice to be able to post what you want, but I still believe that the forum could use some "cleaning." Perhaps, if you want to effect a real democracy, allow a vote to see how many people want to keep The Asshole here, or at least to see what they think could be done with the forum, otherwise this is not a democracy where we can vote and affect how the forum is run, but rather one where the webmaster maintains democracy by not allowing anyone to come to a democratic decision regarding "forum matters" and therefore would be a highly limited democracy.
It would in a way invalidate the original claim that this forum is a democracy, by allowing The Asshole to insult other people's ideas while not letting those people "vote" on matters concerning such issues. Is this a limited democracy, or a true democracy- where you are simply the guidance that the forum needs.
I know you will not agree with what is said in this post, and that you will resolve to keep this forum in the shape it's in. I know what the idiot responses from The Asshole will contain, and will not read them.
I, personally, have enjoyed the forum, and hopefully will continue to do so. I will let other people know about it, just as soon as it is presentable enough not to turn people away from it due to its lack of
"knowledgable content." I hope something comes about this, for I intend to keep checking up on the forum in the near future. Until then, I hope noone takes this post the wrong way, except The Asshole. P'sheyna.

-- Petition
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