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Posted by Walwas from ( on Sunday, June 15, 2003 at 10:12PM :

In Reply to: well... posted by Sadie from D007123.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Sunday, June 15, 2003 at 1:59AM :

I like my lintels plain, and I like my lentils plain as well...

I dont know if I can make you laugh, but reading some of your posts sure makes me laugh(in a positive way:)

: ARE you strong enough to carry me if I ever fall & have to be carried to the nearest emergency room or ambulance? EVEN if I have lost all control of my bodily functions?

I am strong enough to carry a lion, a cheetah, and a bear in one arm, while carrying you, Fred Parhad, Jeff, Tiglath, Stella, Andreas, Ghandi, and almost everyone else on this forum in my other arm,
while juggling potatoes and string beans on my knees.

: Will you give me your coat when it is cold outside & I am shivering?

I don't wear coats at all, but I would shed my skin for you.....
just so long as you give it back when you're done.

: WILL you help me carry heavy objects, even without my asking for your help?


: CAN you slay a dragon if it offends or threatens me?


: CAN you steer a ship by yourself, using only the stars to navigate?

No, BUT seriously I can coast along the islands or coastal lands to navigate, and I can do it pretty well, although I haven't done it on a big scale. It's a matter of sense of direction.

: DO you command respect with just your mere presence?

Yes. I also command respect in my absence...
Many a time I come back into a room that I left earlier, and the people have not even left because I did not give them permission to leave- and just let me tell you how many times I try to convince people to come out from hiding under the tables when I enter a restaraunt or something...

: CAN you make a fortune out of nothing?

I AM a fortune(just kidding), but yes, I can...
One time, I found a dime, and through dutiful investment, I grew it to an account of one thousand five hundred thirty-five dollars and eighty-seven cents and a third...
Not to mention, I command so much respect that people toss me money anywhere I go, and I become rich anyway. Really.

: Are you smart enough to make an airplane out of 3 wire hangers, a few sheets of paper, & 2 nail clippers & wise enough to know not to try to fly it?

I am smart enough to make one using just the 2 nail clippers, and I am smart enough to sell it to someone for a profit, along with the insurance so they can't sue me, and walk away with a fortune(yet again).

: & most importantly, can you bullshit your way out of any situation you want to? Figuring this one out will let you jump to #1 in no time.

Haven't I been doing this already:)

-- Walwas
-- signature .

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