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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Monday, June 16, 2003 at 2:34PM :

Any of you who've been accosted by these people, whether they were yelling about abortion or just shouting their love of Jesus down your thraots knows there is precious little of any kind of love or charity about them. They are pissed as hell...they are furious...they hate your guts when you walk away...they hurl "Jesus loves you" like a knife at your back as you turn from them.

What is it they want from us? We tell them we aren't interested and yet they drone on, convinced they're doing us a favor, that we don't know what we're saying...that some last imprecation will win us over. What is that fever in their eyes...is it love of Christ...is it compassion? No...it's the recruiter's lust for soldiers.

The one thing they have to get you to "accept" is that Jesus died for you, for your sins...he sacrificed himself so YOU COULD BENEFIT! And how COULD you be so foolish, shortsighted or, if all else fails, SO FUCKING UNGRATEFUL!!!

Why?...why do you HAVE to accept this? because if you do...you sign your name in the Murderer's Handbook. You put yourself down as one who will accept a benefit at such a price..."Kill the innocent, kill the guilty, KILL JESUS" and welcome too, because I, I, I, I, stand to benefit BIG TIME. If they can get you on that...you're on your way to Conservative Politics...which is all this Evangelicalism is about...because you'll agree to steal the resources and take the lives of people so much LESS innocent than Jesus was.

-- farid
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