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Posted by Nineve from ( on Sunday, June 29, 2003 at 1:17AM :

In Reply to: Leywa khzeeta by Warrior Empress posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, June 28, 2003 at 9:36PM :

I believe the two missing words are:


: To Warrior Empress:
: I am sorry if this offends you in any way, but I wanted to know the meaning of your poem and I could only pick out random words, due to my lack of knowledge in our language. With the help of two close friends, this is a rough English translation (for visitors of the forum whose Surath is as bad as mine, or worse). Thank you for sharing your poetry with us.

: - -

: Leywa khzeeta by Warrior Empress

: “She has not seen”

: Itwa kha brata,
: Libboh sipya,
: Leeshanoh khilya,
: Dimmoh atooraya.

: “There (once) was a girl,
: Pure of heart (or) With a pure heart,
: Pretty of tongue (or) with a sweet way of speaking,
: Assyrian of blood (or) of Assyrian blood.”

: Qam saffaralah doonya kooloh,
: Garoobeywa machkhawa,
: Kha nisha,
: Kha dana,
: Kha reeza,
: Kha malpana.

: “She traveled the whole world,
: Trying to find,
: One aim/goal (?),
: One time,
: One order/method (?),
: One teacher.”

: Garoobeywa machkhawa atroh.
: Eena dirra sqidta,
: Oo shintanta.
: Mpilla go kha khoolma amooqa

: “She was trying to find her homeland
: But she came back frustrated,
: And sleepy/dreamy (?),
: She fell into a deep dream.”

: Qam khazallah gannoh balashta,
: Qam khazallah gannoh shapirta,
: Qam khazallah gannoh nahirta,
: Qam khazallah gannoh malikta.

: “She saw her _________ self,
: She saw her beautiful self,
: She saw her enlightened self,
: She saw her majestic/queenly self.”

: ...Eeten kha dookta,
: Go rookhoh,
: De litleh shimma.
: Kha dookta de litleh,
: Bahra.
: Kha dookta mamreeyana o masqidannah.

: “...There is a place,
: In her spirit/soul,
: That has no name,
: A place that has/had no,
: Light.
: A place that is painful, and frustrating/annoying.”

: Go aynatoh bit khazzat kha khissha,
: Go eedatoh bit khazzat kha qalama,
: Go leeshanoh bit shammat kha zmarta,
: Makh kha soopra bikhayya go qapas it'dawa.

: “In her eyes you would/will see a ______,
: In her hands you will/would see a pen,
: On her tongue you would/will hear a song,
: Like a bird crying in its cage.”

: Dimmat aynatoh leyna akh Teemaneh makh dimmat paghroh.
: Eena opp anni mpeelena.
: Opp anni bnapli.

: “(?) The tears of her eyes are not like the blood of her body (?),
: But rather like those who have fallen (?).
: And these also will fall (?).”

: Oo weyla bisparra kha khabra,
: Kha khadoota,
: Qat yatta shimmoh moodeeleh,
: Qat yatta baboh maneeleh,
: Qat yatta atroh eekeyleh,
: Min sabab leyla khzeeta.

: “And she is awaiting a report (or) And she waited for a word/message/sign,
: A joy/happiness,
: So that she would/might know her name,
: (So) that she might know (who) her father (is),
: (So) that she might know where her homeland is
: Because she had/has not seen (it).”

-- Nineve
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