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Posted by farid from ( on Monday, June 30, 2003 at 5:53PM :

note: Ten people jumped at the sight of this in hopes of sending it to somebody with an admonition that "something should be done". You know who you are.

Anyway...there was a guy worked at the foundry in Monterey, California...been there seven or eight years..from Guatemala. He had a green card and all was in order. He was a good worker, a quiet guy shared an apartment with two others. His wife and kids were back in Guatemala...he used to visit there twice a year. Was probably building a business down there or something... hoped to return home before his children are grown and gone.

So some months ago he got a call from Immigration...some routine thing, no problem, he´s legal...could he come to their offices and answer a question or two? Sure thing. They seized him and took him directly to the airport and sent him back to change of money from his account to take with him...just instantly get this Bad Man out of the United States.

His fault? Five years ago he´d changed apartments and hadn´t let Immigration know...that was when no one was letting them know...before Terror STRUCK!. That was his crime...

But here...for several weeks now any number of officials have been treating Reynolds and his wife like they aren´t the liars, con artists, thieves and escaped prisoners they are. It was only on a technicality that the Feds didn´t charge Celina as well...she was just as guilty, these two rob in pairs...they just struck a deal to speed things up in which they dropped charges against Celina, to get her husband into prison faster. But they both belong there.

A Mexican can get deported for farting now...but these two are accorded every courtesy when it would be in everyone´s interests to send them back. Think of it...they are wanted by the police in the United Guatemala and now in Mexico. They´ve trapped themselves...nowhere to run...except to sneak, which is how they got out of the States, into Mexico, into Belize, Guatemala and then Mexico again.

Yet, they have lawyers and grant powers of attorney and make charges and collect damages and use the Law here to protect their crimes. And so good are they at conning people that they STILL have some people believing in them. But...ARE they really any good? I don´t mean as people, cause that´s obvious...I mean even at being clever. They´ve been on the run for years now, dragging their children around Latin America and are off hiding somewhere again...having to find a whole new set of people to con. I wouldn´t say they were "good" at anything.

-- farid
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