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Posted by StarDrifter from ( on Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at 4:22PM :

In Reply to: let me also say this posted by Sadie from ? ( on Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at 3:34PM :

One particular point you have made is right on the mark and contributes greatly to our problems. Our Democracy has indeed devolved into an Aristocracy. Money confers power on people in all walks of life that believe they are the center of the universe or at least our solar system and they deduce from this that everything revolves around them. Perhaps, even far worse, money quite often elevates the absolutely mediocre to seats of power and authority that relegates many beneath them to lives of impoverishment and meaninglessness. They plant their subjects in vegetable gardens to simply vegetate. These unfortunates do not even provide nourishment. They are like the emaciated, brain dead, bodies kept alive on machines in medical research warehouses. Unfortunately, no human system of government is perfect and I have no solutions to offer except to say that I believe in living as simple an existence as possible and I wish there was a way to establish a global society that would think in the same terms.

: Anyway, I hope you don't take my ranting & raving personally. It's a ranting & raving directed at everyone, including & esp. myself.

: The fact of the matter is that we all, esp. here in the States, suffer from a lack of education about issues that are of grave importance to the human species, & even other species, too. Instead, we are fed, or marketed is a better word, an educational diet which is the mass media equivalent of junk food. It's satisfying to the customers way, but honestly can not sustain a genuine being for any lengthy period of time.

: As you point out, the situation is complex, but to be able to understand it better, we simply things as a first step of educating & then increasingly ratchet up the complexity of the issue, introducing new variables into the equation, until we have as best an understanding of the situation as is humanly possible. However, even the most FUNDAMENTAL, BASIC understandings of the way this country works is not even understood by the majority of the population, thanks to tons of brainwashing. We don't have even a semblance of a democracy anymore because of this. Instead, we, in the States, now have another aristocracy, & we have all been made into peons, doomed to lives of subservience to a throne that is occupied by the extremely wealthy (& hence, powerful).

: The way we can reclaim our democracy is to educate, take responsibility (as you suggest), use the rule of law to prosecute those who think they can commit crimes without suffering consequences themselves, & otherwise keep up our end of the deal (recycle, use your power as consumer wisely to purchase earth friendly products, etc.).

-- StarDrifter
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