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Posted by Tiglath from 137.a.005.mel.iprimus.net.au ( on Wednesday, September 03, 2003 at 12:40PM :

The Top 10 ways to tell if you have a religiously based identity.

10. All your winged bull sculptures, pictures, logos, t-shirts have their genetalia removed in order to protect the innocent.
9. Your Assyrian flag has the symbol of our God Ashur removed in order not to blaspheme against Yaweh, the Judeo-Christian god.
8. You issue Diclarations denouncing their plans whenever our churches look like they’re beginning to unite under the name of our two main churches.
7. You threaten to kill your sister if she marries an Assyrian-Muslim, but offer to help pay for the wedding if she marries a Christian-American.
6. You have vowed to one day take a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and not Nineveh.
5. You deny Saddam Hussein is of Assyrian descent but force Andre Agassi to announce to the world his true Assyrian identity.
4. You claim that “we speak the same language as Jesus,” and not “that Jesus spoke our language.”
3. You’re Christian name is the name of one of Jesus’s apostles.
2. You blame the Iraqis for the American led sanctions and the American led and illegal invasion of the sovereign state of Iraq (Assyria).

And now for the top way to tell if you have a religiously based identity is………(drum-beat)

1. You claim that Assyrian-Muslims don’t exist!

-- Tiglath
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