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Posted by farid from ( on Thursday, September 04, 2003 at 2:44PM :

It's a delicious irony that for any Christian Assyrian's position to improve in BetNahrain...the dominant Muslim majority will also have to prosper. That's something we never figured out...thinking that by getting someone to reduce them to ashes, we'd thrive. Like it or not we're in it together...if they allow us.

What chance would Israel have without US money? Exactly...none. For a Christian enclave to succeed in BetNahrain they'd have to be an Israel, as Jeff points out. Is that what these partoots want for us? Is that what the good reverend wants, when he begs for a people will have fucking good reasons to pray for that how he wants to force tham "back to god" coffins?

Our patrots are nothing more than Racists who use being Assyrian as the thing that puts them above Muslims and's a lever by which they hope to pry some distance between them and their fellow countrymen and women. It's nothing more than what white trash were encouraged to feel towards freed slaves...some mark of superiority when neither of them had a damn thing be superior with or about.

The only Assyrian who has his or head on straight is the one who discounts religion...any religion and focuses on improving the quality of life for everyone. The Beth-Shlimoons and BooSoos and Hannas and others are still living in the Deep South in their heads...they want to draw spurious ditinctions between Muhammad and Jesus...but Moses was okay and that thief and fornicator David, not to mention that Infanticide Abraham and his incestous dauhter-fucking brother or nephew or whatever.

That's why youse guys can't retreat...because if you leave these shmucks in charge of the franchise...we're looking at bankruptcy...we already got Fire Sales.

And look at how quickly they cut and run when challenged in the slighterst way...I'm telling you, these are adversaries to laugh at...their only "strength" comes for their underhandedness...that's all. Stand up to them and they're gone...and down the road when we beign to send intelligible letters to editors and speak out on matters concerning our own and everyone elses' heritage...we'll be the ones they ask for interviews...these others being kept for general know, whenever an editor needs a howlingly funny Diclaration from some Dic head.

-- farid
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