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Posted by farid from ( on Sunday, September 07, 2003 at 1:23PM :

In Reply to: Here we go..... posted by Alexander from ( on Saturday, September 06, 2003 at 11:57PM :

: Here we go.......

: <: The CIA doesn't have to succed all the time...what does? You or I will never know...that's at least a part of their job they do better than most.

: Actually, I have proof that the CIA failed the vast majority of its planned operations, besides its usual business of smuggling arms and weaponry, and funding puppets in governments.

+++No no...they always succeed...their one overriding mission is to keep in turmopil. The Israeli army fails all the ime, but overall it's been a raging success. Same with Iraq...there was no way to fail...none at all.

: <: If I had told you in 1967 that I felt strongly that Johnson lied about the Gulf of Tonkin, you would have asked for proof...and stopped there. If I'd said Nixon was bugging his own people and paying people to break into the odffices of the opposition and plant incriminating letter and other things, you'd have said I was paranoid...

: Regarding Nixon, he was set up by the CIA because he wanted to create a "domestic intelligence agency" and was in competition with the CIA. The CIA made it look obvious, on purpose, and he was caught. He was a fool who was played by the CIA, I give the CIA credit there(yes, I have proof).

: <if I told you that Kuwaiti princess was really an actress and there were no babies toseed out of incubators you'd have said I was a cynic projecting my own paranoia on the world. Luckily we have proof...for at least those...

: I never believed those lies about the incubators.

: <so you can't call me names...

: I never did call you names.

: <but if I told you there were no WMD's in Iraq and I told you the United States has been pushing and pushing Muslims for years now...waiting and hoping for a counter-attack...and if I told you they knew damn well what was coming...that it had been part of the overall plan...and if I told you the United States would go kill Afghanis and then kill Iraqis..without once proving a thing about Al Qaida or bothered with any'd have said and I quote, "the US is not that powerful"

: Exactly right, that's what I would say, when with all their technology and money and influence, they cannot even take Afghanistan or Iraq, other than bombing some areas, because they have no control of Afghanistan, except some influence in Kabul, and in Iraq the war is still ongoing, unlike what you said that Saddam just gave up, this war is yet to be fought.
: Regarding its being so "powerful," what's so powerful about doing those things? I don't see any power in it, a lot of countries do it, why should the CIA stand out? As for the CIA, it is ineffecient, and due to its ineffeciency, someone founded another organisation(agency), that was able to perform much more successfully.

+++They don't wwant to take anything...that's not the way it's done any don't seize colonies...occupying forces don't sit well back do your dirt...who cares if the guy you kill falls to the left or right...he's dead.

: <I'm glad I was wrong.

: It is not about being wrong or right, but about challenging each others' views and perspectives, in order to try to gain a better idea of the whole picture.

-- farid
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