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Posted by Sadie from D006094.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Sunday, September 07, 2003 at 3:17PM :

In Reply to: Re: Here we go..... posted by farid from customer-148-233-93-48.uninet.net.mx ( on Sunday, September 07, 2003 at 1:23PM :

: +++No no...they always succeed...their one overriding mission is to disrupt...to ruin...to frustrate...to keep in turmopil. The Israeli army fails all the ime, but overall it's been a raging success. Same with Iraq...there was no way to fail...none at all.

xxx That's what they say now - after they've tried manipulating things & failed in their attempts repeatedly. It's just another crude tactic - it's not refined - & that's evidence that they aren't as "advanced" as they want you to think they are. The U.S. gov't still doesn't *have* Afghanistan or Iraq, yet. What their "experts" do is belittle anyone, say "of course, the way things have turned out are the way we wanted them to turn out." They're bluffing - that's what Alex is pointing out. Who are the people who make up the CIA - are they brilliant genuises? NO! They're just good enough to win a couple of games of poker.

: +++They don't wwant to take anything...that's not the way it's done any longer...you don't seize colonies...occupying forces don't sit well back home...you do your dirt...who cares if the guy you kill falls to the left or right...he's dead.

xxx Oh yes they do, buddy - they took Guam, they're TRYING like hell to take Afghanistan & Iraq - first the corporations have to secure the places - up go McDonalds, Coke-vending machines, & beauty products counters.... Then, after everyone's ready to consume all the bullshit the U.S. corporations market to them, then they go in for the full attack. The corporations from the U.S. start funding political candidates over there, just like they do here, just like what they're doing in India. See, the U.S. government is just helping out U.S. corporations, by lending out our military to accomplish certain jobs overseas, to establish footholds in other countries some more. Companies like Coca-Cola Co. actually own a lot more than soft drink factories.... The corporate boards just plan which product to market in a country, & the revenue goes to help establish other product markets in every country they go to.... So, the CIA, a government agency (but who controls the government & who sponsors the media?), fabricates intelligence, & payback for all the corporations who sponsor certain political candidates begins. BUT, the U.S. corporations have to contend with some other large corporations based in countries elsewhere, you know, so that's why they're muscling their way into Iraq & Afghanistan & will try to do the same in other countries (like how they're erroding China's laws slowly through free trade agreements, etc.). Anyway, Alex is right - he's trying to point out that the CIA is not some all powerful entity, but that it is massively flawed - but U.S. citizens & people abroad think that, because it's a "federal" agency that masquerades as one that utilizes "scientific" data to back its claims, fall for the tripe that it, in a way, markets to us. See?

-- Sadie
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