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Posted by Jeff Atto from ( on Wednesday, September 10, 2003 at 4:54PM :


In response to many requests and phone calls asking about the nature of the lawsuit that has brought about my withdrawal from Assyrian activities, I feel it only fair to provide further information to avoid the finger being pointed at the wrong parties.

The lawsuit is brought by Nariman (Norman) Solhkhah of Chicago in the Circuit Court of Cook County. Mr. Solhkhah accuses me personally of libel and slander in connection with a Melammu conference in the year 2000. In my opinion, Mr. Solhkhah's behavior was crude and offensive and fell far below standards of acceptable behavior at academic conferences. Moreover, I felt personally insulted and believed he had caused harm and embarrassment to the Assyrian community among academics from many countries who were attending the event. I believe other Assyrians and academics at the conference agree with me.

I wrote a letter to Mr. Solhkhah about his behavior and sent copies to several people involved in this conference. Mr. Solhkhah is suing me for about $2 million and so I have withdrawn from all my volunteer Assyrian activities in order to assess my action with regard to the lawsuit and with regard to the advisability of being involved in Assyrian volunteer efforts. Mr.Solhkhah's lawsuit is objectively baseless and was brought solely for the purpose of using the pendency of the litigation to harm me. As a result, and in spite of the baselessness of the claims, I have been forced to incur the expense of defending a multi-million dollar lawsuit and to endure the attendant stress and anxiety of being the target of such a suit. I am defending the action vigorously but I cannot both defend the suit and continue the academic and cultural activities that are so important to me and our community.

Dr. Eden Naby

-- Jeff Atto
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