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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Thursday, September 11, 2003 at 5:24PM :

In Reply to: From Zinda: SOLHKHAH VS. NABY posted by Jeff Atto from d14-69-37-23.try.wideopenwest.com ( on Wednesday, September 10, 2003 at 4:54PM :

Jeez! Welcome to the club. You must have told the bald truth to get Norman to sue you. What is it with the amount...two million? Is that the sum of choice for these people?

Eden, if you leave...he stays. That's what these people have been doing for decades now...scaring the rest of us way so they can lord it all over the place as the "Hairs Of Ashurbanipal's Ass". Did you think it would be easy?

Norman Solkha is a degenerate, low-life SlumLord who uses his ill gotten gains to fund a few things Assyrian and looks to polish his miserable self that way.

He is no doctor at all but was a prison psychologist, the lowest of the low...who owns sveral pieces of roach infested property in Chicago, in one of which he installed, what else...A Mespotamian Museum. He must be around 70 by now. When I visited his dump he was wearing a clinging tank top...bare, splindy arms exposed. He fancies hisself a man's man and a woman's delight...he's wrong on all counts.

We first met at a Chicago convention where he was trying to find someone stupid enough to play his tax-scam game. He had this 12X12 plywood "throne room", horribly painted by a Finnish soldier, don't ask, that he was trying to convince me was "worth" $750,000. Poster paints on plywood. I angered him by calling it his Plywood Palace.

He is indeed a boor, an idiot, illiterate...he is uncouth and vulgar has a one inch cock on a five-foot prick and has all of one half of one testicle and that in his armpit.

At the Detroit convention the next year he got into a snit in the lobby by the main ballroom and started yelling at me, saying I was JEALOUS of him because he could buy any woman and had one on call in each city he visited. As luck would have it the hapless woman who was his companion of the evening happend by just then to see what he was turning purple for this time...naturally all of us assembled to watch this performance wondered how much she'd set him back. My reply, through gales of laughter was simply..."Norman, have you SEEN my wife"?

He is everything low we have in us and of course he's going to sue you if you tell the truth about him. he knows he can't win...this is just intended to silence us all..like Jackie's suit...it's the last and the only weapon they have before we boot them out.

For Ashur'a sake don't leave because an idiot like Norman Solkha scares you off.

Hey Norman...sue me...you cocksucker.

-- farid
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