Re: Bush Resignation Hailed by World Leaders

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Posted by farid from ? ( on Friday, September 12, 2003 at 12:23PM :

In Reply to: Re: Bush Resignation Hailed by World Leaders posted by Sadie from ? ( on Friday, September 12, 2003 at 11:33AM :

You're not seeing the forrest for the isn't your vote these people want...that isn't what this Democracy is any more...the vote has been rendered almost meaningless by having the parties join together but maintain appearances of being two different ones "at each other's throats"...when it's our throat they're at.

Something has to replace Democracy...not as an ideal of one person one vote...a voice for the people etc. But as a way of weilding and electing and transfering power.

The corporations are hinting at it...against their will, but we don't see it...we're still stuck with old fashioned conventions and ballot boxes etc.

We do it every time we's the dollar that counts...not the vote. Maybe you don't like the imagery...but it's what's what these guys have made's the reason they buy politicians and now become them themselves.

Just like in have to use the person's force against point standing there absorbing the full onslaught. Take their desperation to make a buck and use it against them...make them cater us instead. They don't make their profit on the money they get from the great mass in the middle...that just pays expenses. The profit comes at the's the smaller's what they live for.

Deny them just that portion...and watch them get out of politics and fade into the they used to be. Who ever cared who ran a fucking corporation thirty years ago? Now they run the country. Hell it's in their interest to turn us off and make us cynnical...less of us to address.

That and allow each tax payer to decide which branch of government or program get's his or her money. That way we decide...and if you think even more money will go into War...don't be too sure. That way all our politicians would become "Facilitators"...doing our bidding...which is the way it was supposed to be. Instead they now run us and the whole show. really don't need to take to the don't have to use guns and bombs...which just plays into their hands cause then they have the excuese to blow you away or put you away. There are ways...all sorts of ways...that's the brillince of our Constitution and the reason the Heads of Corporate/States want to do away with the pesky thing. It's the only thing standing between them and Alaska oil...and air and water too.

-- farid
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