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Posted by farid from ? ( on Saturday, September 20, 2003 at 2:10PM :

The following post, hauled over at great expense is either discussing Custer's Last Stand or the third annual econimic summit held in Belgrade between 1923-1928. I'm not sure the author knows which.

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Re: Misinformation About Simele by Al-Nahar Newspaper

Posted By: Dehak <> (
Date: Saturday, 20 September 2003, at 6:29 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Misinformation About Simele by Al-Nahar Newspaper (Ashor Giwargis)

:SCHLOMO brothers

The annahr newspaper is controlled by the TUENI family - a gREEK ORTHODOX family - that are in the bottom line supporter of ANTOINE SAADEH theories and party the SSNP - syrian socialist nationalist party - which is a CLOWNING of the GERMAN NAZIs/Italian faschist parties,Anti Jewish and PRO .JARABIC.

on the superficial side ,they have one FOOt in the ARABIC side and another in the Christian one.
they are by excellency -the TUEINI family - the INTELLECTUAL PROSTITUE of the GREEKs policies.

They are not to be trusted at all.
Ghassan tueni married to a DRUZE and his son jibran is 50/50 and we all know how DRUZE thinks.

Lebanon anyway now is a land of PROSTITUTION in differentr ways :
the POLITICAL,JOURNALISME ,JUDICIARY ...and of course the normal one.

as u all know syria controls lebanon and all officials from diferent levels are appointed by them.

this is the tradicioanl LEBANESE MEDIOCRACY....
the only honest person in lebanon is called Dr- SAMIR GAEGAE which is now ,since 1994 , in a cell prison of 2 x 2,4 m , under the third floor of the occupied lebanese ministry of defense.

anyway , bropther ashur , you are free to ask for your right to respond to their false archives.



-- farid
-- signature .

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