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Posted by Ashtarblelya from ( on Sunday, September 21, 2003 at 2:02AM :

In Reply to: From aina With LOX posted by farid from ? ( on Saturday, September 20, 2003 at 2:10PM :

Oh my God...I get muzzled and people like "Dehak" roam free on Assyrian chat rooms. Samir Geagea is the only honest person in Lebanon...A Christian who oversaw the bloodiest fighting in Lebanon against other CHRISTIANS. Sometimes I feel like I'm too sick and twisted for American society and not sick & twisted enough to be among my Assyrian brethren. When will I ever fit in????

: The following post, hauled over at great expense is either discussing Custer's Last Stand or the third annual econimic summit held in Belgrade between 1923-1928. I'm not sure the author knows which.

: Assyrian Forum

: Re: Misinformation About Simele by Al-Nahar Newspaper

: Posted By: Dehak <> (
: Date: Saturday, 20 September 2003, at 6:29 a.m.

: In Response To: Re: Misinformation About Simele by Al-Nahar Newspaper (Ashor Giwargis)

: :SCHLOMO brothers

: The annahr newspaper is controlled by the TUENI family - a gREEK ORTHODOX family - that are in the bottom line supporter of ANTOINE SAADEH theories and party the SSNP - syrian socialist nationalist party - which is a CLOWNING of the GERMAN NAZIs/Italian faschist parties,Anti Jewish and PRO .JARABIC.

: on the superficial side ,they have one FOOt in the ARABIC side and another in the Christian one.
: they are by excellency -the TUEINI family - the INTELLECTUAL PROSTITUE of the GREEKs policies.

: They are not to be trusted at all.
: Ghassan tueni married to a DRUZE and his son jibran is 50/50 and we all know how DRUZE thinks.

: Lebanon anyway now is a land of PROSTITUTION in differentr ways :
: the POLITICAL,JOURNALISME ,JUDICIARY ...and of course the normal one.

: as u all know syria controls lebanon and all officials from diferent levels are appointed by them.

: this is the tradicioanl LEBANESE MEDIOCRACY....
: the only honest person in lebanon is called Dr- SAMIR GAEGAE which is now ,since 1994 , in a cell prison of 2 x 2,4 m , under the third floor of the occupied lebanese ministry of defense.

: anyway , bropther ashur , you are free to ask for your right to respond to their false archives.

: regards

: dehak

-- Ashtarblelya
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