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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Monday, September 22, 2003 at 2:04PM :

In Reply to: Re: Another Article posted by The Assyrian Volcano from 111.chicago-18rh16rt.il.dial-access.att.net ( on Monday, September 22, 2003 at 12:45PM :

***Dear Ahzi...we´ve got them sweating it!

: Mr. Azhi:

: If I am not mistaking you were the one appeared on AINA for the first time and claiming that you never heard about the ASSYRIANS.

***That´s no different than you claiming to BE one...hot ghasses and all.

: Now, you appeared very knowledgeable about the world affairs and you came to the most stupid conclusion that Ireland most of them speak English so how they are going to deport the rest. I can't blame a Q...D as we alway say is dumb and stupid and I will prove that for you and if I fail then I am the one who is stupid and dumb.

***Oh hell...you flunked out LONG AGO!

: Mr. Azhi, no body in Ireland asking the majority who are ENGLISH speaking people to go, for a simple reason and that they are IRISH in capital letters, and then nobody renaming Ireland to be ENGLAND, but it is IRELAND.

: So, if you think the Qurdish speaking people are Assyrians, then come and proclaim your true IDINTITY and stop naming North of Iraq " q....stan " and that is simple and easy.

***What´s in a name? You guys sweat buckets of blood over names and how much you all "talk" about being Assyrians, yet you haven´t a pot to piss in as Assyrians...and quit blaming others...the Kurds were hardly "handed" anything they didn´t and kill and organize for. The Kurds HAVE the north...and as possession is 100% of international law...look who´s being stupidly Christian. When has anyone ever given "back" a country to anyone? Did Assyrians ever? And don´t mention Israel, where your Jew religion came from...that was an abortion foisted on the Muslims by Britain and the United States to take care of "their" Jewish problem and install a dependent client state...like you´d love some "Assria" to be.

: The last ADVISE I will give you is you better stop visiting ASSYRIAN forums with stupid and dumb thinking, if you think by making derogatory statements about Assyrians you are going to win your case then you are DEAD WRONG.

***No one...NO ONE makes more derrogatroty and stupid statements about us than you fucking Christians do! No one has hurt our cause more than you and your goddamned preists who dream of getting the better of Muhammad one day...forget it. Islam is there to stay...just get used to it...like all the Assyrians in the past who converted to Islam got used to it...while you converted to Christianity...neither of which are Assyrian religions in the first and last place.

***You´re merely sweating it because this Assyrian non-Christian forum welcomes intelligent people of any stripe...and intelligent people know turning back the clock is useless...and Useless is a Christian Assyrian´s middle name. As people roam the web and click onto Assyrian sites...you´re scared shitless and witless, same thing on you...that they´ll see reasonable Assyrians discussing anything at all with Kurds, Turks, Arabs, Muslims and all the people who surround us on all sides and far, far outnumber us. We are hardly in a positon to call any shots there...unless like you we go running to Christian bullies and beg them to kill Muslims for us...so we can have "peace" in the MidEast...so you can your head out of your chicken´s arse and be Assyrian.


***It is what it is depending on who owns it...and right now the Christians there own only a plot in the ground with a humiliating path that leads to Jew Heaven. Thank Yahwe.

pss...Ahzi is as welcome here as you are, though we don´t have to hose down the place when he gets through. We will always allow you full freedom to express your thoughts...even if you are crude and impolite...we don´t expect miracles overnight. You will never be banned or deleted or have your posts altered in any way...does that strike you as anything "Assyrian" you´re used to?

farid...of the beautiful ARAB name.

: Ashur Beth-Shlimon

-- farid
-- signature .

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