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Posted by The Assyrian Volcano from ( on Monday, September 22, 2003 at 12:45PM :

In Reply to: Another Article posted by Azhi from ( on Monday, September 22, 2003 at 9:40AM :

Mr. Azhi:

If I am not mistaking you were the one appeared on AINA for the first time and claiming that you never heard about the ASSYRIANS.

Now, you appeared very knowledgeable about the world affairs and you came to the most stupid conclusion that Ireland most of them speak English so how they are going to deport the rest. I can't blame a Q...D as we alway say is dumb and stupid and I will prove that for you and if I fail then I am the one who is stupid and dumb.

Mr. Azhi, no body in Ireland asking the majority who are ENGLISH speaking people to go, for a simple reason and that they are IRISH in capital letters, and then nobody renaming Ireland to be ENGLAND, but it is IRELAND.

So, if you think the Qurdish speaking people are Assyrians, then come and proclaim your true IDINTITY and stop naming North of Iraq " q....stan " and that is simple and easy.

The last ADVISE I will give you is you better stop visiting ASSYRIAN forums with stupid and dumb thinking, if you think by making derogatory statements about Assyrians you are going to win your case then you are DEAD WRONG.


Ashur Beth-Shlimon
In any event in response to your ugly style of writing and in somehow tr

Kurds were assimilated (linguistically and religiously) Semitic people of their area (Assyrians call it Assyria, the Kurds call it Kurdistan). Now, there is scientific data supporting this. People at AINA are advocating the deportation of the Kurds and establishment of Assyria. A good comparison would be the case of Ireland: this would be like the 3% Irish who actually speak Irish wanting to deport the 97% who have been assimilated and speak English. I do realize that the religion of the Kurds and Assyrians are not the same, but we all agree that religion is a secondary factor.

: I just hope that people in AINA come to their senses and start finding ways to co-exist with their Kurdish neighbors (assimilated brothers and sisters?). But somehow I think that would not be the case, I just picture them in their eighties, when they are toothless and on wheelchairs, shouting “we have to deport the 75 million (by that time) Kurds and reclaim Assyria”


: Azhi

-- The Assyrian Volcano
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