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Posted by Azhi from ( on Monday, September 22, 2003 at 5:24PM :

In Reply to: Re: Another Article posted by The Assyrian Volcano from ( on Monday, September 22, 2003 at 12:45PM :

: Mr. Azhi:

: If I am not mistaking you were the one appeared on AINA for the first time and claiming that you never heard about the ASSYRIANS.

: Now, you appeared very knowledgeable about the world affairs and you came to the most stupid conclusion that Ireland most of them speak English so how they are going to deport the rest. I can't blame a Q...D as we alway say is dumb and stupid and I will prove that for you and if I fail then I am the one who is stupid and dumb.

: Mr. Azhi, no body in Ireland asking the majority who are ENGLISH speaking people to go, for a simple reason and that they are IRISH in capital letters, and then nobody renaming Ireland to be ENGLAND, but it is IRELAND.

: So, if you think the Qurdish speaking people are Assyrians, then come and proclaim your true IDINTITY and stop naming North of Iraq " q....stan " and that is simple and easy.

: The last ADVISE I will give you is you better stop visiting ASSYRIAN forums with stupid and dumb thinking, if you think by making derogatory statements about Assyrians you are going to win your case then you are DEAD WRONG.


: Ashur Beth-Shlimon
: __________________
: In any event in response to your ugly style of writing and in somehow tr

I do not know how old you are Mr. “Volcano”; if you are an adult you don’t strike me as a mature one. Your childish remarks and stupid gobbledygook do not deserve a response. I will not argue with you about the Kurds and Assyrians since it will not be a good use of my time. Nonetheless, I do believe that you deserve to know how I feel about you and what you think since you are spending your time reading my posts; this is the least I can do for you and people at AINA. So here we go:

Mr. “Volcano”, you appear to be testing my patience and try to make me sink to your level of etiquette and moral norms. But your provocations will not work since I have as much respect for people like you as I have for the members of the KKK or Neo-NAZI groups. Compared to the more refined and educated racists pigs that warp themselves in phrase such as “equal but separate”, you are a Neanderthal and the sad thing is that you don’t even realize it. You are an uncultivated man Mr. “Volcano”. One thing I have noticed about racists like you is that they all are trying to compensate for personal underachievement and unfulfilled lives. Let me give you a few examples. Have you heard: “the stupid Chinese are taking away our jobs”; “my life was all messed up because a nigger took my scholarship”;… Now, what kind of an underachiever life you are leading, only you know. You, as a person, cannot claim greatness because Assyria was once great!

Your personal attacks on those with a different points of views are crude to say the least. People like you should stop the self-pity that is eating them alive and concentrate on more realist goals such as co-existing with their fellow men; after all we all came from South Africa long ago. Whether you like it or not the Kurds are there to stay, so you better get use to it. Furthermore, they are genetically the same as the Assyrians and have as much right to the land as the Assyrians do, period. I beg of you to go back and try to “deport” them, OK? No amount of kicking and screaming in the West is going to change the reality back home; you need to go back and “erupt” on the Kurds and send them all to Hell.

At last I do feel the need to clear something up for the members of “this forum” since I could not care less about what you people at AINA think. In the post that you are referring to I said “I never met an Assyrian in my life”. Go back and read it again. I never said “I never heard of the Assyrians”. And believe when I say that my idea of meeting an Assyrian is not someone like you!


PS the people here have invited me, once they ask me to leave I will honor their wishes.

PPS this will be my first and last reply to you and those in AINA since there is no need to let you know how much I value your thoughts and inputs more than once. Even once may be waste of my time but as I said “I owe you that much for spending the time to read my posts”

PPPS if I recall my high school geology lessons back when I was young, there are no volcanoes in Mesopotamia. The only volcanoes in the vicinity are Agri (Ararat in Turkey) and Bazman in Iran. Bazman has been dead for many millennia and the last time that Agri erupted was about 10,000 years ago. So maybe you should give up the Volcano thing, become more realistic and call yourself the…..uuuhhh forget it!

-- Azhi
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