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Posted by The Assyrian Volcano from 129.chicago-18rh16rt.il.dial-access.att.net ( on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 at 1:27AM :

Dear all, if realy there are people:
On this web, Sunday, september 14, 2003 this is words of J. Atto:

He said:

" Dear Azhi, I think the most important thing we do to resolve the problems between our peopl is( why should be any problem?)to put religion aside! Muslim vs. Christian is cliche and we need to put that behind us( yes indeed, we Assyrians sloughter these Qerds over one million of them and we took over their land is that right ?} .The Kurds and Assyrians have made a lot of progress in recent history( yes indeed after l950 to this day from hundreds of thousands Assyrians only remain may be less than 35 thousands, and you could called progress)

You said:

" A joint charity or join developement organization might be the TRICK( oh yes we got a trick too) but I haven't put enoughh thought into the idea to write about it further( no, please do that it is a good idea even the QERDS have the lion's share they have our SOULS and our LAND and they need even our MONEY- you people are very bright, but wait minute there is no religion involved here as it seems to me and I will make sure that no JIHAD will be by the Assyrians as they did in the past also and our Qerds brothers will have every thing, Assyrian population will be exterminated, our land and money will be theirs I think MR. J. ATTO and CO you are briliant people , you should submit your names to the BOOK of World Records " GUINESS ")

Ashur Beth-Shlimon

-- The Assyrian Volcano
-- signature .

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