On Disgrace

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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-71-64.uninet.net.mx ( on Wednesday, September 24, 2003 at 9:07PM :

Just what constitutes a disgrace in Assria anyway? Is it merely when you disagree vehemently with another? I mean look at what these BooHoos and Ghassbags and Hajjars are really doing: They put the name "Assyrian" up there...then they proceed to ban and delete every one of us who doesn't agree with them...no matter how well spoken or reasonable or desirous of open dialogue we might be...while they put up one embarrassing piece of tripe after another...the more the merrier..."most Popular" they calls it. Say the "wrong" thing...think the "wrong" way and, to really damn you to hell...express yourself too well and you're out of "Assyria". Which, as a result of everything else these people have done to it...leaves exactly WHAT in Assyria?

I'm not the one who disgraced Assyrians. I'm the one who inspired other Assyrians to spend their money on a monument it took years to complete and managed to get installed in a major world-class city that happens to be in America but could have been anywhere else. Where's the disgrace in that? And the only reason I had it in me to do such a thing...or was able to inspire others to participate is because I am NOT a hate filled, narrow-minded, one-track minded, whining, moaning, pissing Assrian! The people who agree with the Volcano (oh Gawd!), BooHoo and the rest of them, they're the ones who brought dishonor to the name, they're the ones who sue cities, who tamper with an artist's work, who write lying letters to discredit and ruin people she cunt shag...those of us with our heads on straight, who WOULD disagree with the Shlimoons and Aprims bring disgrace to THEM by exposing them for the frauds they are. If anyone is going to bring some EARNED pride to this heritage it won't be them.

I don't even think a one of them could stand before an audience NOT composed of their immediate clones and make these claims in all seriousness...and especially not if there was a Kurd or Turk or any Muslim within a mile of the place. They're good for only one thing...gathering together in a virtual Village, with about the kinds of characters you'd find in one...and scratching each other's balls as they sit on a heap of wounded feelings, "lost privilleges" and stolen rights and a whole catalogue of crimes they feel were committed against them and NO ONE ELSE, that accounts for the poor showing they've managed to make in the world.

And THESE are Assyrians?

-- farid
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