'Iraqi Kurdistan' CBC special...part 2

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Posted by Jeff from bgp01107368bgs.wbrmfd01.mi.comcast.net ( on Tuesday, May 14, 2002 at 0:09AM :

On Sunday I had the fortune to watch a special on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The CBC programming is ALWAYS far superior to American channels because they always have more of a "world view", rather than just domestic stories. I saw part 2 of a documentary on 'Iraqi Kurdistan' (aka Northern Iraq, aka Beth Nahrain)... it was nice to see Western Journalists capture the every day lives of ordinary Northern Iraqis there. The younger ones spoke English, and said to the camera "We don't hate Americans... we just want to live in freedom."

The CBC seemed to focus on 2 main points: 1) There is an al-Qaida network in the mountains of Northern Iraq that has taken over 10 Kurdish villages (~4000 people) and imposed a strict religious rule there

2) Washington wants the Kurds to overtake Saddam much like the "Northern Alliance" of warlords took over Afghanistan. Surprisingly, footage from when the Kurds were abandoned by the US and slaughtered after the Gulf War was played, and many Kurds said that they wouldn't let the US leave them high and dry again.

I was keeping my eyes glued to the set ... hoping to see a glimpse of David (Tiglath) and the Doc... but they were nowhere to be found on that show. Maybe next time, guys.

...if only American TV wasn't so contrived...the American public might see the Human side of the people that are harmed in their names. Canada (aka America Jr.) IS better in some respects....

I hope Canada doesn't sue me for that. D'oh!

-- Jeff
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