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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, May 14, 2002 at 9:27AM :

In Reply to: 'Iraqi Kurdistan' CBC special...part 2 posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, May 14, 2002 at 0:09AM :

One can only hope that more Americans than would have otherwise been made aware...can see how manipulative the media is.

They call us traitors now...the same people who called us traitors in the 60's when the president of the United States lied to get us in a war that killed 55,000 American men and women for nothing...nothing excpet the need to keep us worked up and scared about Communist they could rob the Treasury as they do now with the all new and just as bogus Terrorist Threat.

They BUILD Terrorists every day...just as they made poor peasants into frustrated and angry ones by abusing their labor and their wives and children until they could take no more...then shot them for daring to "protest".

The thing that sickens me most is the way even critics pretend to believe that Bush or Sharon or Arafat for that matter...want peace, how they ask seemingly probing questions into who and just how much and how...when all along the obvious never gets asked...why would these people want peace and properity when it would lead to competition and tighter controls on what Amerika and Israel or Russia or any "power" could get away with?

No one asks, "DOES America want peace and stability"? It is just taken for granted that we MUST...when so much evidence points to the the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and the Gulf War Set Up. Keep the faith baby, keep the day America will "apologize" for this "lapse" as well...wont matter, there will be a new scam running then...and they'll apologize for THAT one later and so on.

It's all a Trail of Tears for most of us, and a cash cow to a few others.

-- panch
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