Wilfred Alkhase of the San Jose Tribe

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 11:54AM :

He and I were supposed to meet this morning here at the Hangman's Cafe where I hang out...natch. He just called me to cancel...a bit of background would help.

I've known Wilfed since he was knee high to Atour Golani. He always seemed nice enough...starry eyed and all...even without make-up.

Then some months ago he decided to buy the "tiny" lamasu, his had balls at least. Wilfred is a member of Jackie's Club here in San Jose. Now Wilfred and I have mixed it up because he stays over at Francis Sarguis' house,of the tribe of Santa Barbara...and they are "friends"...so he couldn't print a clarification of a vicious rumor put out by his sometime host.

I've learned that with these people if you don't sleep with someone or pay them off or otherwise benefit them in some way...you aren't friends...and if you do all those things you still aren't friends in any civilized definition of that word...it just means you'll keep your dagger in its sheath till things develop.

So anyway, Wilfred calls this morning and says to forget the apointment, he doesn't want any statue of mine because he just learned that I'm going to sue the Association...HIS Association and Jackie's Club. Says he doesn't want any sculpture of mine...says he doesn't want any sculpture of mine near San Jose...says he's glad I wasn't there at the San Jose Art's Committee meetings...when he and Jackie hadn't known what to say to the Asian art committee member who announced that the lioness, and the queen too for that matter, "were not Assyrian". Said he was glad because the man was right...Shumirum, as I portrayed her was not Assyrian...and further that he wasn't sure what I was...a reference to his believing that all the rest of us live in a closet as well...but that he was sure I was NOT working for anything to benefit Assyrians...meaning he is the one to decide these things...as any ten nuts we have all reserve that right. I told him there was the chance I might be invited to the convention in Detroit...and would look forward to seeing him there. He replied that he would work hard to make sure that didn't happen.

I might add that while the price of the "tiny" Lamasu was $500.00...Wilfred took it upon himself to write the check for $750.00...a "tip", I suppose. I refused the check...told him to write another for the correct amount...he insisted he had no other checks with him, and to "go ahead and take it...I deserved it".

I only say this because he will undoubtedly tell everyone I over charged him and he adamantly refused the sculpture on principle.

These guys are funny. They would in no way accept the kinds of things done to THEIR businessess as was done to mine...they would in no way dream of treating any customer or vendor in the ways they have treated me...they would no sooner think of getting out of a contract or 22 year agreement because a friend of a friend of a friend had a "problem" with someone...yet they do all of this to me because they just can't comprehend a professional level of integrity in anything having to do with Assyrians.

They are rank amateurs...making rules and breaking them willy nilly..issuing meaningless Directives and magazines and conclaves that would be a joke anywhere else...maintaining a level of behavior as Assyrians that would have them in bankruptcy court and out on the streets...walking...if they tried any of this in their businessess...yet they are pissed AT ME because I insist we conduct ourselves as grown ups when it comes not only to our Heritage but in dealing with anyone of us whose BUSINESS it is to work and act in as professional a manner as any doctor or teacher must.

To them this is all a game...something they do for fun in their spare time...like they probably did in High School...and that's why we are where we are.

I asked Wilfred if he would "report" on this lawsuit in Zinda..if this was "news". he said he couldn't answer that. I asked him if this was not at least as interesting to Assyrians as Narsai's son being charged...or a Froggy or a diddling priest, or an arrested Assyrian in Chicago...he said those were reprints from other sources..so much for cutting edge reporting. He said he couldn't say right now. Of course he can't. It involves more of his "friends"...and that...boys and girls, is what determines policydoodeles in ASSYRIA!

This story must be of at least as much significance as the reams of nonsense Sarguis reported about their vacation in Marbella...the "VACATION TO END ALL WARS AND INJUSTICE". Do you remember any of it? Has any of it changed anything...or will they just meet poolside at another hotel next year and "update" us all?

The big question,of course, was..."Did Jackie tell you about the Lawsuit". His answer was that three people had, and she was one of them. Did she imply that even acceptinmg the sculpture he'd paid for would be "treason"? He said "certainly not". These are things that will have to be testified to in front of grown ups. They are so accustomed to saying and doing whatever pops into their heads with no thought to consequences...and that's what has them more pissed than anything...someone is actually holding them accountable...it is such a new concept...that there are consequences to what thery do...that they have all come unglued.

I wonder who called the san Jose Arts Committe and suggested,"this would not be a good time to install the Shumirum?" I wonder if Arts Commissioners tell the truth under oath?

I think I'll donate Wilfred's sculpture to "Queer Nation", in his name of course...another admirable group.

-- panch
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