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Posted by International Hot Foot from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 4:52PM :

In Reply to: I mean posted by Lilly from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 3:44PM :

: Just look at the way you spit on me, Fred, for even mentioning that I was raped.

+++I spit on you for lying about it and using to garner what...sympathy....spit???

Look at it, & then realize that what you say about me feeds into my self-doubt,

+++You victimize yourself you did you will tomorrow. Some people have "spit on me" tatooed on their souls.

something I've accomodated since the 1st time someone locked me in a room & made me take off my clothes so she could touch me. I can't help it that I have so much self doubt.

+++Screw you and your pathetic make me sick.

: I should have screamed for help all of those times, but I don't know - I was too shocked, I didn't see where she, then he, was going with this, & by the time I realized what was happening, that my words to "stop" & "I don't want to" & "no" went unheeded, I withdrew into myself & pretended like it wasn't happening. A locked door & a half-grown teenager are hard for a little girl to negotiate. & years later, a drink with a pill in it & a guy who claims that he can comfort me when I'm crying both continue the trend.

+++You are a LIAR! Run for office in some Association of Finns or Cadillacs or something.

: To this day, if someone pays me a compliment, I have this nagging thought in my mind that they don't know me, they don't know how "dirty," "tainted," "weak," & "disgusting" some people have made me, they don't know anything about me at all,

+++Oh baby...THIS person knows all about you.

so what does a compliment mean? Nothing. It means that they are complimenting some figment of their imagination.

+++You're a frig newton of some creeps imagination. You should be ashamed of yourself for spewing this garbage.

+++I'll give you a compliment you can take to the to the Jackster YOU are the next best half-breed we have.

-- International Hot Foot
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