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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 12:26PM :

In Reply to: Re: I agree posted by Stella from ? ( on Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 10:58AM :

: Your hatred for anything in an authoritative position is very well known among this forum and the Assyrian need to rewind the tape and play it again.

====Who plays more authority games than the church...than your god himself? If Jesus came back today they wouldnīt let him join the union and theyīd just kill him with something else and youīd all go to wearing some other implement of murder around your necks, in gold no less.

: In order for religion to be helpful in the world, it has to be a public thing. There has to be community.

===How about the community of depraved infantile priests who fuck infants...this is going "public" now...against their wishes.

It's not effective in a positive way if it's a private personal thing that one should keep to one's self.

===I wish you people would keep it to did countless dead Black Africans...South American Natives...Islanders, Muslims and a host of other people who have paid the ultimate prices for your public wishes. You canīt have it both ways...when someone points out that the car you manufacture has poor brakes and is prone to run all over extoll its interior and dashboard...if one relies on your praise for your dashboard and uses that excellent interior detail you have every right to be proud of as a device to stop the car, and it fails time and again and gets people blame the person for using the dashboard for a brake...even though your brakes donīt work and you ADMIT it!!!

====Yes...some few things in religions are good...things shared by all sorts of people before and after...but you guys use the beauty of your dashboard or the uphostlery of your car when what someone wants to do is STOP the friggin thing from running people over!!!

: Jesus shared the experience of God's grace and love with those around him.

===I have no idea...and neither do you or anyone above the age of four...of what "Godīs grace" is. And as for his Love...the less said about that the better...I have no truck with a man or god who insists his unoffending son has to be killed...none. You go get what kind of love you can from that sort of place. Maybe thatīs why you believe this tripe...your teachers.

He recognized that what the others were doing were moving them farther and farther away from God. would never accept a chemistry lecture like this...or understand directions for assembling a tricycle if they came in this form.,. Great Ideas need at least good word...not airheaded nonsense. Just where are you when you move "farther and farther from Godīs love"....Jersey?

Focusing on details like purity laws, heirarchy, etc, stuff like that prevented you from being a good person to others.

===People have been "good" long before there was a Jesus or your god...and I canīt see as theyīve improved any since. If they have it was because of education, experience and right reason...all of them things which your church fought like hell to keep us from developing or spreading...even to the extent of burning and gouging and raping those who dared.

Others that heard about his experience shared what they heard to others.

=====Big deal...what was its essence???

: Christianity is the institutionalization of one man's experience of God.

===Catch phrases straight out of Advertising 101

I'm not saying it's the only way to experience that sense of wonder and compassion that have been around way before monotheism. However, it has been a great way though for most people to understand and share their own experience.

===The people who understood best never talked about it and they certainly never killed or bored anyone with it. The sacred, the mysterious, the unknown and unknowable are just that...UNKNOWABLE:

===If you canīt be a good, fair and decent person without mumbo-jumbo...if you need"help" to understand the universal applicability of kindness without bottle rockets going off and angels yelping, then Iīd say you donīt really understand just how mystical and unknowable true spirituality is, but rather that you want a dependable formula and a crutch you can lean on.

===Take all Laws away...all moral precepts...and I still would behave as I do now. I donīt need a goatherd from 2000 years ago to teach me morals...or how to Be-HAVE!

-- panch
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