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Posted by Stella from ? ( on Friday, May 24, 2002 at 11:47AM :

In Reply to: Re: Julia posted by Julia from ( on Friday, May 24, 2002 at 11:08AM :

: ++++Absoultely not true. In no way does my belief in an absolute truth endow me with the right to have an upper hand with others, whatever that means. Some people believe in an absolute truth and others believe in a relative truth. Just because i believe in an absolute truth in no way lends me to have the right to adversely affect the livelihood of people who do not share my belief. I do pass a "judgment," in this sense: if a person does not believe in jesus Christ, I believe that person does will not see heaven according to my understanding of the Bible. This is a judgment in the sense it is my evaluation of what I believe to be facts. However, I don't DO anything to people who don't share this belief. Belief in the oneness of god, the divinity of jesus christ does not preclude me from being a civil human being to others. Just ask muslims who also believe in an absolute truth as well.

****So what do you think about your Muslim friends? Do you feel bad about them not being able to see heaven and God? Do you wish they were believers of Christ so they too can see the face of God ? If you want them to become Christians and be able to see God in the way that you will, that's DOING something. Thinking is action. Making a judgement in your mind is action against non-Christians.

: If you want to talk about this idea, we can get together and do that....but I just wanted to make it absolutely clear that millions of people in this world have an absolute, versus relative, faith in god, and they don't go around killing each other. Why? Their holy books remove judgment from their hands and leave it only in the hands of their God.

*** Prejudice and bigotry are forms of violence. Inaction towards this prejudice and bigotry go on is also form of violence. These all add to the continuation of those doing the actual killing.

YOu're always going to get someone who doesn't believe in the absolute. With belief in anything absolute, you'll always get an opposition. Also with belief in anything absolute, there automatically is created a heirarchy in the mind of the believer of the absolute. The believer is basically on the top of that heirarchy because he has recognized the "truth." The others who don't believe in the absolute are looked down upon or pitied directly or indirectly. This is a judgement, indirect or not. This judgement leads to the subtle violence I mentioned above.

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