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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Wednesday, May 29, 2002 at 11:24AM :

There is a link on the bottom of this page to a horrible, racist article by John Deberyshire, a contributing editor to the National Review magazine. It's found on the website National Review Online.

In "Why Don’t I Care About the Palestinians?" he endorses the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians as "the best option" to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. His rationale for this, and his explanation for "Why Don’t I Care About the Palestinians?" seems to be simply that they are Arabs. In a moment of pure racism, he argues that "Being Arabs, they [the Palestinians] are incapable of constructing a rational polity..."

The National Review Online has been the site of numerous offensive and outrageous columns in recent months, but in this case they have chosen to publish an article advocating not only a massive war crime, but what would, given the scope and scale of the crime advocated, undoubtedly constitute a crime against humanity.

To complain, write to National Review editor Rich Lowry, and tell him that no journal or website that prints articles advocating war crimes and crimes against humanity, not to mention such unabashed, open racism, can be considered respectable or responsible.


-- Lilly
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